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So my parents found out today that I got an MIC (minor in consumption) because fucking ASU sent my notice of citation to my home address and not my dorm mailbox that "reportedly on or around february 4, 2007 you were arrested and/or cited by Arizona State University Department of Public Safety for Consumption of Alcohol under the age of 21" my parents flipped a shit and called me.
so now I'm at home. they made me come home. i have to live here until my court date which is on march 6th, i have to get a second job and pay for my insurance and live at home next year. more punishments to come. and after I move back to the dorm i have to go home on the weekends.
this is the shittiest birthday I've ever had. fucking 19. though I had an awesome time with my friends last night.
all of that over an MIC???????! Don't they understand you are in college? man that blows, I'm sorry.
wow. i'm sorry. drinking isn't bad. i don't understand their punishment. its not like they were driving, and you know that they've had at least 6one drink in their college days. parents blow. if it makes you feel any better, they gave me a curfew yesterday. i'm sorry, but it's a little late to give a college sophomore their first curfew. it's 11 PM. i bet that made you smile :)
haha yes it did. since i'm at home now, we can definitely hang out. cause I haven't seen you in the longest time.